Vodka ROMANOV – our great traditions

Traditional Russian vodka was an indispensable attribute of imperial celebrations. The purest grain alcohol, crystal clear water, infusions of bread ingredients and wheat – the recipe for vodka is simple. But despite the seeming simplicity, vodka requires exceptional attention in preparation, it is important to select the highest quality ingredients, to carry out control at every stage of production.

When developing the product formulation, the results of consumer research were taken into account. Blind tastings compared the best Russian and Western vodkas. As a result, the choice was made in favor of the classic composition for Russian vodka: “corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol alpha from food raw materials, wheat infusion, sugar.”
In 2016 during a trip to Russia. Jan Bernadotte, great-great-grandson of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, expressed a wish to start producing vodka in the homeland of his great-grandmother Maria Pavlovna. As a descendant of the great Russian emperor and an internationally recognized sommelier, Jan Bernadotte personally took part in the choice of vodka production, the development of recipes and design.

In Russia, Jan shared his memories:

“My grandmother, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, remained Russian all her life. Even living in Sweden, France, Argentina and other countries, she always remembered her homeland, Russia!”

Today, Permalko has released the first batch of the brand in an updated design.

The new design of the ROMANOV brand is a sign of luxury and sophistication. The unique bottle is made in the imperial style with elements of modern design. The coat of arms of the Romanov dynasty occupies a worthy place on it.

The strength and power of the brand, the purity of lines and shapes, incredibly soft taste and aristocratic nobility.

Vodka Romanov! Legacy of two dynasties.