Balsam “PARMA” won a high award at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC – 2022) in London

We conclude the first summer month with great news, our PARMA balsam won a silver medal in the international spirits competition (ISC – 2022), it competed with well-known world bestsellers and was highly appreciated by the magistrates in the category of herbal balsams.

For 27 years, the International Spirits Challenge has been the premier event in promoting outstanding quality spirits from around the world. The competition is based on a rigorous and independent judging process, with over 1,000 entries from nearly 70 countries making the International Spirits Challenge a truly global competition. It is supported by many of the world’s leading spirits producers as the international standard for quality and excellence. Receiving the ISC 2022 award is truly an impressive achievement for any spirit that passes a rigorous blind evaluation by an experienced panel of world-class expert judges.

Balsam “Parma” – fragrant balsam, infused with herbs and spices, has a unique rich taste and warming ginger warmth. The rich aroma of the drink has characteristic notes of anise, star anise, sage, thyme and cinnamon. The balsam has a tonic and restorative effect. It has a bright and harmonious taste that goes well with other drinks and is great for making various cocktails. Fortress balsam 35% vol., Cap. 0.5 l.